In this anime porn quest game you'll be playing not as some pupil as normal but as a female lecturer! You're the fresh educator in Hent High School. On the very first day of your fresh task you find out that as soon as you place your lecturer uniform you have a virtually uncontrollable zeal. And since there are a great deal of students that wish of fucking their buxom tutor you should use your moments and satisfy your needs with their aid. However, you need to do this just between courses and if if you aren't going to liberate your work you need to pay attention to instruct your pupils also. Buy books, plan your classes, instruct your pupils and... fuck together any time you will find the chance! The objective is to get as much lovemaking as you can sans loosing your job!

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Village Sex Life [Alpha 0.4.0]

In this game you are going to try the farming simulator genre from a fresh point of view - this time besides usual things you will have some erotic themed ideas added to this process! Yet don't expect that you will get the big harvest of hot tramps willing to fuck right from the start because as it was alreday said this is the farming simulator and before getting the benefits you will need to work hard first-ever. The work will consist of many field activities and for that you will need a lot of different tools some which will be available from the begin yet some you will have to buy at the shop or get any other wyas. From contacts with other characters you will get ceratin types of quest completing which will provide you with special rewards

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