Hunter or Victim

In any connections it's quite possibel that one side will turn into the hunter while another will beocme the sufferer... but on which of these sides you've got the very best chance to end up? If you do not have a certain answer with this particular query then you might find it once you will complete this ordinary testing game in which all which you basically have to do is to reaction a set of questions by picking one of several response choices which suits you the best. Once you will answer all the questions you will get special recommendationstry to reaction the questions as honestly as possible. And even when you're not thinking in matters that are these as psychology analyzing much you might want to play with this game because of wonderful manga porn artworks and one special anime porn bonus in the end! Play now »

1HG: A Schoolgirl Fantasy

An intercative story that is going to inform you about one day out of the life of Ann. Well, at least it is going to begin as usual but events will be gathering up one after anotehr while their scale will be increasing in size like a snowball so everything will become. The math test isn't going as good as intended so Ann requests to escape the class in order to have a rest and to clean up her ideas somewhat but once she gets to the damsels toilet room she will realize it was very likely not the best moment to visit this place. Telling you more details will mean to destroy the intrigue but we could tell you there won't be some freaky creatures or creatures that are creepy - it's fairly enough high school students to work as either in every day of the week. Play now »