In case your not only an adult but also old enough then from the main menu screen already you'll understand instantly that"H.A.S.H" is actually a manga porn themed parody over fairly well-liked in those days TV series"M.A.S.H"... and where is TV showcase hentay parody you will deifnitely meet hot blonde with large tits termed Charlie! And in the event the series already had a lot of humor in it the only thing that Charlie needs to bring with her is lots of sex! And she certainly will... but you will discover it ot only in the event you can make the proper alternatives throughout the walktrhough of the game (yet do not fret too much since all of the choices can be considered as decent ones since most of them will lead either to jokey or sexy or jokey and hot scenes after all). More fun with Charlie - to our site! Play now »

Hogans pornos

After starring in so many hentai games and parodies our dearest blonde doll Charlie has finally determined to try herself at making films. Becasue if she's consistently fucked than why not get compensated for it, 19, wherever she goes? Game commences at movie set where you are about to witness the backstage process of making xxx movies which seems to be more packed with lovemaking than the resulting product! Yet the gameplay is stil the same - you watch scene until you need to make a selection. And like before that decision is a unsighted choice therefore what'll occur next on shooting point is going to be a surprise for you... and don't worry - mostly it will be simple but alluring minigames. For anime porn parodies with Charlie don't forget to check our website! Play now »