Total Rookie Magical Mayaka

Even though this is clearly a manga porn game you may describe it is genre as action platformer. Very nice looking female who appears like some type of magician (according to her cat equally companion and magic wand whichshe use to take stars into their enemies) would have to mak eher route through some filthy allie sof tainted city where threat is hiding behidn each corner. If she won't eliminate the danger in time it may cost her some of her clothing at first... but who knows what's going to happen with her when there will be no clotehs left! Game has really nice picture style but all the texts here are in japanese so you might have some troubles with knowing the dialogs (in case you don't understand the language ofcoruse). Use arrow buttons to move, Z buton to hop along with X button to shoot projectiles. To skip dialogs parts utilize S button. Play now »

Strip RPS

This can be a game in which you will be able to unclothe and then have romp with a youthfull student. But it all depends on whose side luck is on. So pick scene and you will find a dark course. A young brown-haired stands in the school dining table and looks at you. On the right side of this screen you will see kionki. They depict rock scissors and paper. You will find the very same icons at the top of the display. Your aim is to beat the girl by deciding on the appropriate icon. For example, scissors cut paper. And should you get the time right, you'll acquire the round. Then the lady will eliminate some of her clothing. Continue the game to undress the doll. Then fuck her school desk in her tight cunt and the gal would shout with vaginal joy. Then select scenery 2. Would you need to know what's interesting there? Then let us embark the game right now. Play now »