Adventures On The Wild Planet

In this game you'll be playing as an astronaut Wolfgang Shulz throughout his expedition to another world. The first priority of this mission was supposed to observate the planet in the orbit. However, as usual things become more interesting just if they go not according to the programs. There was not any distinctive fuel to get back after the mission is finished so our hero needed to make a landing on this world after all. What will he see there? Or maybe more important - that can he see there? He will find the tribe of amazons! And not only they seem like sexy amazons form Earth Earth but they wish to fuck just the same! This is where you may the control within the match in a series of well animated sexual minigames. Wait, was there any other important amazons principles about guys... Play now »

1HG: A Schoolgirl Fantasy

An intercative story that is going to inform you about one day out of the life of Ann. Well, at least it is going to begin as usual but events will be gathering up one after anotehr while their scale will be increasing in size like a snowball so everything will become. The math test isn't going as good as intended so Ann requests to escape the class in order to have a rest and to clean up her ideas somewhat but once she gets to the damsels toilet room she will realize it was very likely not the best moment to visit this place. Telling you more details will mean to destroy the intrigue but we could tell you there won't be some freaky creatures or creatures that are creepy - it's fairly enough high school students to work as either in every day of the week. Play now »

Private Detective

In this game you will end up non other than Mr Smith. A good title for private detective, don't you think? Well your hot helper Kylie approves. Perhaps not your name but that you have arrived just in time to have a dialog with your fresh client. He is some wealthy businessman and just like any wealthy entrepreneur that he's a hot wife... and as any businessman's hot wife she doesn't mind to cheat on him from time to time! Or she is fully innocent and the accusations of her hubby don't have any basis in any respect? So it's going to be up to you to discover the truth, well, you are the detective here! Just don't leave behind that you can have as many coochies as possible. Follow the story, mak edecisions and attempt to fuck! Play now »