The Sex Therapist 5: A Wild Night

The misadventures of Jim are going to continue with new trouble meneacing his union... and this trouble actually has a name - Trinity. That's the name of one truly hot chick who has become Jim's neighbor which means that he can't just forget her. However, what if rather than futile tries to prevent her he'll call her and say all the things hetero? Ofcourse this can give a lot of surprises to our hero and let us hope that almost all of them will be the excellent ones! Now you are welcomed to love the fifth chapter of erotic videoquest string"The Sex Therapist" which has fairly promising name -"A Wild Night". As a player you are supposed to make choices all along the way and it is only up to you how far you will get thru the story and how much of sexual content you may unlock. Play now »


Do you want to become a seller at a fairyland? To succeed, beginning from the role of a simple trader to a inventory magnate. And fuck all the chicks in the kingdom? Within this game you will have such an chance. You see a few locations - the city, the shore and the plantation. First go to the farm to sow seeds. Then sleep. Harvest and market it. Go to the forge. An orc gal works there. This is a hot and chesty thing. She loves to fuck with people, but before you can fuck an orc in her tight cooter and round booty you will have to accomplish several quests to find the necessary items. Then you will have hump with the chick. Then the location of this shore will be unsheathed, and you can meet friends of the city. Following that, continue to make money to fuck the huge-boobed Orc nymph. Her tight cooch wants your fat cock. And ... find out more once you begin playing. Play now »

1HG: A Schoolgirl Fantasy

An intercative story that is going to inform you about one day out of the life of Ann. Well, at least it is going to begin as usual but events will be gathering up one after anotehr while their scale will be increasing in size like a snowball so everything will become. The math test isn't going as good as intended so Ann requests to escape the class in order to have a rest and to clean up her ideas somewhat but once she gets to the damsels toilet room she will realize it was very likely not the best moment to visit this place. Telling you more details will mean to destroy the intrigue but we could tell you there won't be some freaky creatures or creatures that are creepy - it's fairly enough high school students to work as either in every day of the week. Play now »